The workshop Skitso, for the last 30 years has been working in handmade articles. The common point is the originality, the quality and the use of friendly for the environment materials as wood, ceramic, fabric, metal and paper.

The table and standing lamps are the most recent creations of our workshop.
They compose a new way of think about decoration and lighting.

Slim and tall women, well-dressed girls and pliable ballerinas are a perfect selection for all type of areas. Unique artwork inspired by the ancient Cycladic sculpture but also from the geophysical specifies of our city.

Enjoy them!

Little Girls
A unique variety of wooden handicraft. Each one named after its own personality. This collection is inspired by the northwest wind Vardaris, a vital element of Thessaloniki, which blows away and infuses movement even to the wooden figures.

These figures are handmade, hand-painted, made out of solid wood and fabric.

Large dressed One
As in the table lamps, they are defined by their movement and can stand alone in any room. They are large handmade, hand painted, made out of solid wood and fabric.

Impressive gangly figures with unique plasticity. They are large handmade, hand painted, made out of solid wood.

Their figure reminds us of Cycladic sculptures but in a modern version. They are large handmade figures, made out of paper, a technique well known as Papier-mâché and can be used as sculptures as well.